From family doctors to TCM granules: Community health centers in Beijing step up efforts to ensure residents' needs for medical services

All 349 community health centers in Beijing have set up fever clinics since December 12.

18 medical workers at Fengtai community health center support the newly opened fever clinic, while about 40 physicians are working as family doctors to provide consultation services to residents about COVID-19 via telephone and online applications. 

At the peak of patient visits, the center had less than 200 boxes of fever-reducing medicine altogether. Now the medicine to reduce fever can meet the clinical demand. Meanwhile, the health center's smart TCM pharmacy, which opened in October this year, provided TCM granules to patients against COVID-19, easing the shortage of medicine. 

As the number of fever patients reduced from around 60 to 10 at the fever clinic in Fengtai community health center in one day, the center gradually transformed its main task from fighting the disease to the recovery treatment of COVID-19.

CGTN's Mi Sutong visits the local health center in Beijing's Fengtai District to find out more.

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