True China: ROK vlogger looks forward to New Year after recovery from COVID
Updated 15:12, 01-Jan-2023
Global Stringer

Cities across China have gradually optimized and adjusted their COVID-19 prevention and control measures and organized the resumption of work and production. The new measures aim to protect people's safety and health. The bustling vibes in many cities have resumed, and people are preparing for the upcoming Spring Festival, the biggest holiday in China.

Republic of Korea vlogger Jeong Ji-eun, who currently lives in Shanghai, has been quarantined at home due to COVID-19 infection. After recovery, she went out for a walk to feel the New Year vibe in Shanghai. In her eyes, it became more convenient after a health code and nucleic acid test results were no longer required for people to enter shopping malls. As the new year atmosphere is building, Jeong Ji-eun is very much looking forward to the Chinese New Year.

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