China's 2022 box office tops 30 billion yuan as industry recovers

China's box office revenue exceeded 30 billion yuan ($4.4 billion) in 2022, with 85 percent coming from domestic films, the China Film Administration announced Sunday.

The year's top earner was the domestic patriotic film "The Battle at Lake Changjin II," which grossed 4.07 billion yuan.

"Moon Man," a sci-fi comedy, came in second with 3 billion yuan, the administration said.

Other heavy hitters included the feature film "Nice View," the family drama "Lighting up the Stars," the animated film "New Gods: Yang Jian," and the patriotic action flick "Home Coming."

To support the recovery of the film industry, the China Film Administration issued 100 million yuan in movie-watching vouchers and provided 50 million yuan of digital yuan and other subsidies in August 2022.

The government also implemented measures to increase the cash flow of enterprises and relieve operating pressure, such as increasing the value-added tax allowance and strengthening the tax refund policy, as well as extending the deferred payment of social insurance premiums.

(With input from Xinhua; Cover via CFP)

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