Minor Cold: please take good care of yourself!

Recently, "stove-boiled tea" has become popular in China. The process of drinking tea has a sense of ritual, and the ceremony has become a new favorite of young people. Join CGTN Cherry Qiu and find out more on the day of Minor Cold.

Usually, the process of "boiled tea on the stove" consists of lightly roasting tea leaves before brewing them, sometimes with rosebuds or sweet osmanthus, in a pot over a charcoal-filled stove. People sit around the stove and have fruits, nuts, and desserts with their hot tea, which can be enjoyed alone or blended with flowers and milk. It's such a pleasure to chat with friends while having this new style of tea.

Here's a blessing message I want to send to you. The beginning of the Minor Cold is not fierce, and remember to take good care of yourself.

Minor Cold, or "Xiaohan" in Chinese, is the 23rd of the 24 solar terms on Chinese lunar calendar. For most areas of China, Minor Cold is the beginning of the coldest period of the year. 

In the old days, Chinese families usually start to purchase the necessities for the Spring Festival, such as fireworks, colored lights, Spring Festival prints, incense, as well as food. Many people would write couplets and make paper cuts by themselves.

Do you like this new style of drinking tea? Please leave your comments. It's nearly the end of the year of tiger, and thank you for your attention to the program. I really appreciate that, and I will see you in the final solar term!

Host and video editor: Qiu Yu

Script editor: Suvam Pal

Cover image designer: Xing Cheng

Chief editor: Lin Dongwei

Project manager: Zhang Xiaohe

Producer: Liu Yuqi

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