CPC International Department outlines China's optimization of COVID-19 response
Updated 16:26, 07-Jan-2023

The International Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee recently sent letters to foreign political parties and organizations, explaining the adjustment to China's COVID-19 response policy and its significance to strengthening exchanges and cooperation between countries.

The International Department of the CPC Central Committee noted the major achievements made by the CPC in putting the people and their lives above all else, coping with COVID-19, and protecting people's lives and health.

It said that by adapting to the new COVID-19 response situation and the new characteristics of the novel coronavirus variants, China has taken the initiative to refine its COVID-19 response measures. China aims to better coordinate COVID-19 response with economic and social development, and ensure normal production and life. This is scientific, timely and necessary, the department said.

"China's great efforts over the past three years have laid a solid foundation for the optimization of the COVID-19 response measures, and we are confident that we will secure a complete victory in the fight against the pandemic," it said.

It noted that China's adjustment to its COVID-19 response policy will create new, favorable conditions for orderly exchanges between Chinese and foreign personnel, as well as for the economic and social development of all countries.

"The CPC stands ready to work with political parties around the world to maintain an objective and friendly international cooperation environment against the pandemic, and jointly promote the construction of a community of health for all, as well as a community with a shared future for mankind," the department said.

The department also explained China's communication with the World Health Organization (WHO) on the optimization of the country's COVID-19 control measures.

"China's National Health Commission (NHC) communicated with the WHO on December 9, December 30 and January 5," NHC Spokesperson Mi Feng said at a press conference held by the department on Friday. "The two sides exchanged information on the general situation of the pandemic, the genome sequence of the viruses, vaccination and medical assistance."

Mi said the two sides will keep in touch in the future.

(With inputs from Xinhua)

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