Preliminary results show Benin's Progressive Union for Renewal leads legislative elections

The Progressive Union for Renewal (UP-R) secured the most votes in legislative elections in Benin to win 53 seats in the 109-member national assembly, according to provisional results announced Wednesday by the Autonomous National Electoral Commission.

The announcement said that the UP-R, allied with President Patrice Talon, acquired 37.56 percent of the votes, followed by the Republican Bloc (BR) with 29.17 percent and 28 seats, and the radical opposition Democrats with 24.02 percent of the votes, also winning 28 seats.

According to early poll results, out of the 6,600,572 registered voters in the West African nation, only 2,551,547 people cast their ballots, a 38.66 percent turnout. 

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency

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