Giant pandas show off acrobatic skills in snow at a zoo in NE China

Four giant pandas at the Shenyang Forest Wildlife Zoo in northeast China's Liaoning Province have been spotted frolicking in recently-fallen snow, doing somersaults and tumbles as they enjoy the winter weather.

Giant pandas are well-adapted to colder weather, according to Wang Yi, director of the Giant Panda Pavilion at the zoo.

"Many visitors have asked whether giant pandas can adapt to winter in Shenyang. In fact, although giant pandas are from the southern province of Sichuan, they prefer cold weather over hot weather. When the temperature is between minus 5 degrees Celsius and minus 10 degrees Celsius, we let them play outdoors. Especially in the past few days, it has snowed several times in Shenyang. Pandas love the snowy weather and they run, roll and climb up trees to share their enjoyment of the snow with each other," Wang said. 

After playing in the snow, the pandas returned to their enclosure to refuel with fresh bamboo.

As the Spring Festival approaches, zookeepers are laying on special food and new toys to involve the pandas in the celebrations, according to Wang.

"The Chinese New Year is around the corner. The keepers of the Giant Panda Pavilion have been busy preparing a lot of entertainment for the pandas, such as the food and toys. We also plan to hold an activity with our pandas delivering New Year wishes," Wang said.

(Cover image via screenshot.)

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