Tumbling giant panda's acrobatic antics light up internet

A tumbling giant panda, captured on video performing seven somersaults in a row around her enclosure at Guangzhou Zoo in south China, has become an internet sensation.

The video footage of Yayi perfecting somersaults has prompted a surge of visitors to the zoo to see this real-life "Kung Fu Panda" in full flow.

"She looked at me. It was sleeping just now. I learned about pandas [from books] before, and I have come to visit them here. I know my kids would be interested in the animal, so I brought them along to have a look," said a visitor to the zoo.

Along with her gymnastics, Yayi likes nothing better than a specially prepared snack while she perches high up in her favorite tree.

"Our bread is made of soybean and corn, which could provide trace elements and minerals to pandas. Apples are also provided, which are rich in the vitamins that bamboo leaves cannot provide," said zoo keeper Chen Wanhui.

(Cover image via VCG.)

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