Chinese New Year Flowers: Into Beijing

Flower markets are becoming more and more popular these days across China, since people are buying New Year flowers to embellish their homes, and to celebrate the Spring Festival. 

What flowers will people living in Beijing buy for the upcoming Chinese New Year? What symbolisms are behind these plants? CGTN reporter Ge Ning visited one of the most bustling flower markets in Beijing. Watch this episode to find out more.

About 'Chinese New Year Flowers':

The Year of the Rabbit is behind the door. Chinese people are buying a variety of flowers not only to decorate their homes, but also for the good wishes the flowers represent. What kind of flowers will they buy across China? What symbolisms are behind these plants? Explore more in our new series "Chinese New Year Flowers"!

(Cover images designed by CGTN's Xing Cheng, video filmed by Chen Bo, video edited by Zhang Hao and Zhao Ying.)

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