Snowy Qinghai Lake Series | Episode 1: Snowy Lake

In November, as the first cold wave reaches Qinghai Lake, the temperature drops below zero. Qinghai Lake, the largest inland and saltwater lake in China, hosts a large number of precious wild animals. Pikas, snowfinches, Przewalski's gazelle and others live there. With the advent of winter, it becomes desolate, without mercy. How will the animals survive the harsh winter? Watch the video to find out.

About 'Journeys in Nature': Snowy Qinghai Lake Series

Qinghai Lake, the largest inland lake in China and the largest saltwater lake in China, is home to a large number of wild animals. CGTN Nature's film crew traveled to Qinghai and discovered rare animal and plant species. During the Spring Festival, we will present the beautiful nature of China – 'Journeys in Nature’: Snowy Qinghai Lake Series, showing the wonderful creatures in winter.

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