Hopping into Tunian: A rabbit's tail is not a pom-pom
By Xu Chenlu

A rabbit's tail looks like a pom-pom. This might be confusing for most people, as the bunny usually tucks in its tail, so it is not easy for people to know the real length. So how long exactly is the tail of a rabbit? Check out the video to find out.

About the 'Hopping into Tunian' series:

Can rabbits drink water? Should you pull a rabbit's ears? What are the world's largest and smallest rabbit species? 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, or Tunian, on the Chinese lunar calendar. For Spring Festival, we at CGTN Nature are presenting a new series, "Hopping into Tunian," to share funny stories about our buck-toothed buddies.

(Video edited by CGTN's Xu Chenlu; Cover image designed by CGTN's Gao Hongmei)

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