8 killed, including 6 Chinese citizens, after ship sinks off SW Japan
Updated 17:27, 26-Jan-2023

Six Chinese citizens were among the eight crew members who perished after a Hong Kong-registered vessel sank in waters between Japan and South Korea, the Chinese consul general in the Japanese city of Fukuoka, Lyu Guijun, told CGTN today.

Lyu said 13 crew members have been found as of midday on Thursday, five of whom are in stable condition. Eight have died, of which six are Chinese citizens. Nine people are still missing.

The Chinese side has held talks with the Japanese search and rescue team, asking the Japanese side to make every effort to search for the other nine missing crew members.

The consul general expressed deep condolences to the deceased and visited the four rescued Chinese citizens on Thursday with clothes and food. The Chinese Embassy in Japan will arrange for their return to China in the next few days.

Lyu said the Chinese Embassy in Japan was highly concerned after the incident occurred and immediately made arrangements. On Wednesday, the Chinese Ambassador to Japan, Kong Xuanyou, asked Lyu to liaise with Japanese officials on the matter. The two sides cooperated closely and used all means to rescue the crew members.

The ship sent a distress signal from a position around 110 kilometers west of the remote and uninhabited Danjo islands in southwestern Japan late on Tuesday evening. 

According to a Kyodo report, aside from Chinese citizens, the others on the boat were Myanmar nationals.

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