The symphony of mountain and water: Performance on Yandang Mountain

Yandang Mountain in east China's Zhejiang Province is renowned for its natural beauty and seaside location. Dubbed “Famous Mountain by the Sea,” the mountain has inspired artists to discover, portray and disseminate its beauty, resulting in countless masterpieces. These include the painting "Yandang Mountain" by Ye Cheng from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). In this masterpiece, Ye used vigorous brushstrokes to depict his artistic vision. The juxtaposition of the grandeur and tranquility of the mountain enhances the aesthetics of the painting, in which sea and sky, water and mountain blend together. Produced by China Media Group, the cultural program "China in Poetry and Painting" invited famous pipa performer Fang Jinlong and dancer Zhu Han to perform among Yandang Mountain, showing the magnificence of landscape in the eyes of modern artists.

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