Beijing to support top firms in creating ChatGPT-style large AI models

Beijing will support top firms in creating ChatGPT-style large models to work toward new breakthroughs in the development of artificial intelligence (AI), according to a report on the capital's AI development released Monday.

The report, released by the municipal bureau of economy and information, noted that Beijing boasts the top industrial agglomeration capacity in China and that it has a well-developed AI industry chain.

Beijing registered 1,048 major AI companies as of October 2022, accounting for 29 percent of the national total, according to the report.

The city also has more than 40,000 professionals in core AI technologies and has produced the most published papers on AI in the country. 

The number of smart factories and digitalized workshops in Beijing reached 36 and 47, respectively, in 2022, the report noted.

In 2023, Beijing will guide enterprises, research institutes, open-source communities, and others to collaborate for the achievement of core AI technology innovation, the report said.

(Xinhua with edits; Cover via CFP)

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