China's top chip industry group opposes export bans from U.S., Netherlands, Japan
A close-up view of circuit boards and semiconductor chips. /CFP
A close-up view of circuit boards and semiconductor chips. /CFP

A close-up view of circuit boards and semiconductor chips. /CFP

China's top chip industry trade group has expressed opposition to reported export controls from the U.S., Japan, and the Netherlands on the country's chip manufacturing sector, warning of the potential harm to the global industry and economy.

This comes after the U.S. reportedly reached an agreement with Japan and the Netherlands recently to tighten their export controls on advanced chip-manufacturing equipment and technology to China. 

Details about what type of equipment companies would be banned from selling have yet to be made public.

"The semiconductor industry is a global industry, and highly dependent on innovation and cooperation. Inappropriate intervention by government and authorities can cause disruption to our industry," said the China Semiconductor Industry Association (CSIA).

CSIA joined the World Semiconductor Council in 2006. CSIA said this not only shows the determination of the Chinese semiconductor industry to integrate into globalization and market-oriented development, but China's determination to develop the global semiconductor industry in collaboration with its global peers.

"Cooperation and collaboration have long been the best option to create value and to promote progress," the industry group noted.

The CSIA called on the Chinese government and relevant agencies to formulate rules to maintain the ecological and healthy development of the global semiconductor industry. 

It also vowed to support the healthy operation of foreign enterprises' businesses in the Chinese market to defend the concept of globalization and the value of the global semiconductor industry.

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