UN human rights expert strongly urges U.S. to lift all sanctions on Syria amid deadly earthquakes

U.N. human rights expert Alena Douhan says unilateral sanctions imposed by the United States and several other European countries have worsened the humanitarian situation of the Syrian people in all aspects, and the problem is deteriorating in the aftermath of the earthquake. In an interview with CGTN Radio journalist Xu Yawen, Douhan strongly insisted that the U.S. and others must lift all sanctions on Syria to provide people there with the possibility of recovery and open the way for them to rebuild the country.  

Last week, facing international pressure, the United States announced a temporary exemption to its sanctions on Syria. Douhan said the move was "definitely not sufficient."

"It's very complicated to understand what is the red line between the recovery process and the rescue process," she said. And also, there are no guarantees from sanction regimes to humanitarian actors that there will be no punishment for delivering humanitarian aid. Therefore, banks, pharmaceutical companies, and producers of critical infrastructure are still scared of facing fines or sanctions from the U.S., making them hesitant to help. 

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