Britain: To keep warm or put food on the table?

According to analysis provided by the IMF, the poorest 10 percent of UK households spent almost 18 percent of their budget on energy last year. As a result, many poor families are finding that their household budget is under enormous strain, to the point that they are struggling to put food on the table. Jo Kilmartin, as the coordinator for a Hastings-based organization called Doms Food Mission, delivers food parcels donated by local businesses, grocery stores and even hospitals, to some of the neediest households in the town.

A massive 141-percent rise in the price of gas since winter 2021/22, and a 65-percent increase in that of electricity have led to a huge upsurge in daily necessities at their food mission. With the situation only expected to get worse, many people across the UK are faced with the difficult choice of choosing between energy and food.

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