17th China-Japan security dialogue addresses issues of common concern

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Sun Weidong and Japanese Senior Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Shigeo Yamada co-chaired the 17th China-Japan security dialogue in Tokyo on Wednesday.

The diplomats had an extensive and in-depth exchange of views on defense and security policy, as well as international and regional issues of common concern, according to a statement from the Chinese Foreign Ministry. 

According to the statement, the two sides agreed that China and Japan, as close neighbors and important countries in Asia and the world, should strengthen dialogue and communication, properly manage and handle conflicts and differences and work together to enhance mutual trust and promote cooperation.

The two sides vowed to implement the important consensus of the leaders of the two countries on building constructive and stable Sino-Japanese relations fit for the new era, and make greater contributions to peace, stability, development and prosperity in the region and the world.

The two sides also agreed to maintain close contact under the framework of the maritime and air liaison mechanism between the two defense departments and to open a direct telephone line as soon as possible.

China urges Japan to correct wrongdoings

During the dialogue, the Chinese side expressed its solemn position and serious concern over Japan's push for military expansion, hyping up "China threats" in its defense and security documents, seeking security ties with extra-territorial forces in the neighboring regions and the continuous negative movements on Taiwan, the South China Sea and other issues concerning China's core interests.

China urged the Japanese side to correct its wrongdoings, know its perceptions and take practical actions to fulfill its commitment to adhere to the road of peaceful development and abide by the one-China principle.

The Chinese side also called on Japan to commit to building constructive security relations with China.

Rejecting confrontation and division

During a meeting with Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi on Wednesday, Sun called for the rejection of confrontation and division and advocated solidarity and cooperation.

Noting the current international order is undergoing profound changes, Sun said a few countries are abusing unilateral sanctions and other means to oppress and bully others, and forming a clique with a cold war mentality.

Sun told Hayashi the Chinese side hopes that Japan will focus on the common interests of its own and regional countries and maintain mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Japan and the stability and smoothness of the regional production and supply chains.

For his part, Hayashi said bilateral ties have rich development potential and face various issues in the meantime.

Noting the two sides have maintained the good momentum of high-level exchanges, Hayashi voiced the hope that the two sides will continue to strengthen dialogue and communication, jointly promote the development of bilateral relations, and assume more important responsibilities for regional and world peace and stability.

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