China says it sees potential of ChatGPT-like AI technology

China's Ministry of Science and Technology said on Friday that it saw the potential of ChatGPT-like technology and will continue to support the artificial intelligence (AI) sector as a strategic emerging industry.

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, has recently emerged as a phenomenal application, demonstrating a high level of natural language processing capabilities, Chen Jiachang, who heads the ministry's high-tech department, told a news briefing on Friday.

"This technology has the potential to be applied in various industries and fields," said Chen.

Over the past two years, the government has formulated principles of governance for the new generation of AI and a code of ethics to guide the technologies in a better direction, according to Chen.

Meanwhile, Chinese scholars have put forward the theory of "neuromorphic completeness" and developed a heterogeneous fusion brain chip.

Chinese research institutions and companies have also developed ChatGPT-like technologies that have reached an internationally advanced level, including the first AI application that combines graphics, text and audio.

The ministry said it will continue to give strong support to AI as a strategic emerging industry and a new growth engine by promoting the deep integration of AI with the economy and society, perfecting technologies in major application scenarios.

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