Encounters with China: Visiting the stone caves in Xiandu

Olivier Mendoo, a Ph.D. student at Peking University's School of International Relations, who is from Cameroon, along with his Zimbabwean friend Tungamirai Eric Mupona, embark on a tour of several villages in Zhejiang Province. The aim of their visit is to learn from China's experience in rural revitalization and grassroots governance, with a view to using it as a reference for rural economic development in Africa.

The Xiandu area of Jinyun County has, by embracing the governance concept of "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets", become a tourist hotspot. A complex of stone caves left abandoned after many years of quarrying, has been transformed into a cultural public space. But what relevance does this initiative have for the development of African countries? "Encounters with China – Visiting the Stone Caves in Xiandu" follows the two young Africans as they stage a China-Africa concert in the caves.

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