An influencer promotes winter sports in NW China's Xinjiang
Updated 16:20, 28-Feb-2023

A young social media influencer has become more and more popular due to her vlogs promoting winter sports like skiing in the Altay region of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

The skiing videos shot by Xiao Mei, a ski fan, in the Altay region have received around 400 million views on various social media platforms over the past few years.

Located in the golden latitudes of ice and snow, Xinjiang is rich in ice-and-snow resources. In this respect, it is comparable to the European Alps and the Rocky Mountains of North America. There are more than 18,600 large and small glaciers covering over 24,000 square kilometers, accounting for 42 percent of the glacier area in China.

"Altay boasts unique snow resources as the amount of snowfall here is very large with light winds. The temperature here is comfortable and the air is fresh. I always feel happy when I ski here," said Xiao Mei.

Since Xiao Mei went to Xinjiang to ski for the first time in 2018, she began to promote skiing in Altay and give ski fans tips on her social media accounts on diverse platforms.

In her vlogs, Ski fans can find all information they need like new skiing activities, major ski resort information and hot spots of winter sports consumption.

"I can share skiing stories and my life in skiing, so that people can know that skiing can bring so much fun and there are such good skiing resources here in Xinjiang. Many people are getting to know about skiing, becoming interested in skiing and coming to Altay for skiing due to my videos, so I feel happy," she said.

Xiao Mei said she enjoys her career as a winter sports promoter in which she can enjoy nature and promote the beauty of Xinjiang.

"I enjoy the feeling of starting an undertaking and enjoying nature. I will spare no efforts to promote Xinjiang and I hope that more people can experience the unique ice and snow resources here," she said.

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