Huang in Two Sessions - Episode One: On the road
Updated 20:22, 03-Mar-2023
Huang Jiyuan

Editor's note: The 2023 Two Sessions takes place at an important junction. It's the first Two Sessions after the Communist Party of China's 20th National Congress. It's the first Two Sessions after major changes were made to China's COVID-19 pandemic management measures. How to interpret this crucial event and its results? Follow Huang Jiyuan, the reporter who's reporting on the Two Sessions from the frontline for the first time, to get a firsthand look at the 2023 Two Sessions.

There are several major themes for this Two Sessions: The Chinese modernization as proposed last year; economic development after the changes in pandemic management measures; and China's position in, and the country's reaction to, a rapidly changing world.

This first episode takes you through the preparation for the event all the way to the night before the Two Sessions commence. In the later episodes, we'll focus on the important topics mentioned above and dissect them in real time as results from the events come in.

Full video transcript:

Do you think you'll need all this?

I don't know. This is my first time going to the Two Sessions. I'm just taking everything with me, really. Oh, time to go. give me that, I'll see you in a couple of weeks.

This is really special. It's my first time. It's the first Two Sessions after the CPC's 20th National Congress. It's the first one after three years of COVID.

So, it's unprecedented on many levels. The car's here.

I've spent nearly a decade in the United States and studied Western politics. Whenever it comes to Chinese political events like this, the focus would be on the palace intrigue: Who got what post, why did they get those titles, did they like each other, or do they oppose the policy directions, and etc.?

It's always been like this for them.

So, I just got into the hotel room, gonna settle in and get ready to report on this year's Two Sessions. And about what I said in the car, there's something else I want to talk to you about. Let me just get things ready.

One major theme: The Chinese modernization. It's the modernization of a huge population, common prosperity for all, material and cultural-ethnical advancement, harmony between humanity and nature and peaceful development.

Big goals, right? So how are we going to achieve that? That's worthy of watching.

The economy. How much potential could be unleashed after the change in pandemic managements? China is the only major economy to score positive growth rate throughout the past three years. How's the economy going to perform now with many restrictions removed? And how's China's economic performance going to impact the global economy?

Foreign policy. That's also important. Foreign Minister's Press Conference during the Two Sessions is one of the most closely watched events during this period. How's China going to navigate a global environment that's undergoing profound change? China proposed the Global Security Initiative and published concept paper few weeks ago. How's that going to affect global security? 

So in the next a week or so, I will be bringing you some information and comments from inside the Two Sessions, and discuss with you where the country is headed in the year ahead and beyond.

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