Chinese vice premier calls for development of integrated circuit industry


Chinese Vice Premier Liu He on Thursday urged efforts at the government and market levels to promote the development of the integrated circuit industry.

Liu made the remarks during a tour on which he investigated the development of integrated circuit enterprises in Beijing.

A relatively complete integrated circuit industrial chain has formed in China, and a group of outstanding companies and entrepreneurs have emerged, Liu said, emphasizing the country's huge consumption market for chips and rich application scenarios.

He urged the government to formulate industrial policies in line with national conditions and new situations while supporting enterprises in coordination and problem-solving.

The government should also guide long-term investment in the industry, adopt equal preferential policies for domestic talents, and treat foreign experts the same as Chinese nationals to help companies accelerate work to attract and nurture talents.

He called for great importance to be attached to the roles of the market and industry. He said work should be done to form a research mechanism with enterprises as the main body, and full play should be given to leading talents with strong technical and organizational skills.

The country should always adhere to international cooperation, make more friends, promote wider opening up and resolutely maintain the stability of global industrial and supply chains, he said.

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency

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