Meet the 'Daughters of Tibet': A gripping documentary featuring five modern women
Updated 18:08, 06-Mar-2023

"Daughters of Tibet" is a compelling sequel to "Reborn on the Plateau — I Was a Serf" which, by focusing on the lives of four elderly Tibetan women who survived feudal serfdom, shed light on the significant changes that have taken place in Tibet since the emancipation of the serfs.

"Daughters of Tibet" explores the lives of five women who have grown up in modern Tibetan society. These women have experienced the freedom and equality brought by the new era. All have, for one reason or another, left Tibet, but have eventually been drawn back home.

Each woman works in a different field, ranging from traditional costume-making and folk art performance, to legal consultancy, business and writing. Through their success, they demonstrate the social evolution and progress Tibet has undergone in recent years. Moreover, with the fresh vitality and sense of hope they are bringing to the land of their birth, they are inspiring others to make a positive contribution to Tibet and Tibetan society.  

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