Foresight 2023: Financial stability, economic security essential to maintain economic growth
Updated 21:07, 07-Mar-2023

Editor's note: As part of our special coverage on the  2023 Two Sessions, CGTN is launching a special series called Foresight 2023 to help you better understand the state of the Chinese economy. We talked to several chief economists and chief China economists of leading financial institutions to get their perceptions on the country's growth, trade, investment, and development prospects.

China's top political advisory body briefed the media on economic development and opening-up on Friday. In a talk with CGTN, Wang Dan, chief economist of Hang Seng Bank China, said financial stability and economic security are essential to maintain growth in China and the rest of the world. She said China will continue to deepen financial system reforms to ensure better financial services for the private sector and small firms.

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