A graduate in medicine tells the stories of ordinary Tibetans

"I just wish my name will be discovered, and the stories I document will prove useful in studying Tibetan society."

Phuntsok Drolma, who comes from a family of doctors, made an unconventional career choice after graduating from one of China's top universities, Fudan, with a degree in clinical medicine. Instead of becoming a doctor, she decided to pursue her passion for writing. She returned home to Lhasa and became a freelance author.

For nearly six years, Phuntsok Drolma has been using the internet to introduce Tibetan culture to a wider audience. She has created a WeChat platform on which she has shared more than a hundred unique narratives about ordinary Tibetans, told in her distinctive style. Through the power of her words, she brings her readers closer to Tibet and its people and offers them a deeper understanding of its culture and traditions.

The new avenue for communication she has opened up bridges the gap between cultures and promotes greater understanding and empathy.

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