Explosion at chemical plant in Ohio raises concerns for toxic gas leak

An explosion and ensuing fire inside a chemical plant in St. Bernard, Ohio, shook local residents on Monday, causing alarms that the blast may unleash nitrogen gas into the air.

Firefighters rushed to the scene after the explosion, which a Cincinnati Fire Department official said was a "small, isolated" incident.

Having occurred in a chemical process, the blast led to a leak of nitrogen gas inside the plant, according to Cincinnati Assistant Fire Chief Matt Flagler.

The fire is now under control. The fire department stressed that people outside the facility are not exposed to hazardous gas.

But some local residents were concerned.

"We could hear the warning, then telling everyone to evacuate," Jasmin Walton, a local resident, told FOX19. "I'm a little afraid because we are right there at the bottom of Winton Terrace, right on the other side of the factory. My daughter has chronic lung disease. So I was nervous of what the explosion was and what could come of it."

(Cover: Fire fighers battle a chemical plant fire in LaSalle, Ill., January 11, 2023. /CFP)

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