China's Democracy: Lawyer, CPPCC member advocates for rights of unmarried mothers

The Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference is a large representative body that allows members to make proposals regarding major political and social issues in the country. In this episode of CGTN's special series "China's Democracy," our reporter Cen Ziyuan follows up with one member from central China's Wuhan City who wants to see changes in the rights of unmarried mothers and their children. 

So far, household registration for the child of an unmarried mother is not guaranteed. Xie also wants to see a social system put in place to help these women and children. Members will now have to wait until April and May for the final feedback to actually see it being taken into consideration and adopted. In the coming days, additional rounds of panel discussions will be held. Some are thrilled to have their proposals taken high up on the agenda. They say they are proud to serve the advisory role and inspire further progress for the Party and the people to build a modern socialist country in all respects.

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