Video captures wild Asian elephants taking afternoon nap

Wildlife conservation workers in Ning'er County of southwest China's Yunnan Province captured video footage of a wild Asian elephant herd taking an afternoon nap on March 1.

The herd includes three baby elephants, the youngest about a year old and the other two about three years old.

The elephants were foraging in a forest, with some focusing on eating, some shaking a small tree with a front foot, while some using their trunk to throw rolled-up grass.

In the footage, the herd also took an afternoon nap on a gentle slope. The calves snoozed beside the mother elephant and two adult elephants were seen standing guard around.

Wild Asian elephants usually sleep both at night and during the day, with their daytime nap often short, generally within half an hour, according to a monitoring worker.

(Cover image via VCG)

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