My Proposal: To promote cancer screening for rural women

Jing'an County in Jiangxi Province has been designated as a pilot county for a cervical cancer prevention and control campaign. In the 1970s, the mortality rate from cervical cancer in Jing'an was 3.13 times greater than the national average. But following the introduction of annual mass screenings and treatment for pre-cancerous lesions, the local incidence and mortality rate have significantly decreased.

Deputy Hu Xiaoqing has presented a proposal to this year's National People's Congress, aimed at preventing and eliminating cervical cancer. In advance of the meeting, she visited Jing'an County to learn about its experience with screening. There she was told an anecdote about a local village official back in the 2000s, who was so keen to encourage women to go for screening that he took over their farm work while they were away doing the test.

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