My 'Two Sessions' Highlights: What topics are Beijing residents most concerned about?
Updated 21:55, 10-Mar-2023
Global Stringer

The annual Two Sessions are underway in Beijing and the topics being discussed will not only determine the future of the country, but also affect the lives of ordinary people. During the meeting, CGTN launched the "My 'Two Sessions' Highlights"  video contest, inviting people from all walks of life to talk about the issues that people care about at the annual parliamentary meetings.

In this video, Bai Kunfan, Li Xun, Liu Chen, Xu Kejia, and Luo Zhengran from Beijing Foreign Studies University, hit the streets of Beijing to ask people's views on this year's Two Sessions. Among them were college students, migrant workers, and financial practitioners. Let's hear what issues they are concerned about and what proposals they would make if they were deputies to the Two Sessions.

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