Hukou Waterfall in NW China enters spring flood season

The renowned Hukou Waterfall on the Yellow River in northwest China's Shaanxi Province has entered its spring flood season as the weather turns warmer, with peach blossoms on the banks adding beauty to the scenery.

Aerial footage shows torrential currents rushing down into the deep pool and sending up water sprays while rainbows dazzle in the sunlight, wowing crowds of visitors.



During the wintertime, the average water flow in the Hukou Waterfall is about 300 cubic meters per second. With the ice melting in the upper reaches of the river, the water flow sharply increases to about 1,300 cubic meters per second in March and April each year, forming a spectacular waterfall cluster.

As March and April are exactly when the peach flowers bloom on the riverbanks in the area, the spring flood at the Hukou Waterfall is also referred to as "peach blossom flood."

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