China's FDI inflow up 6.1% in 1st two months of 2023
Updated 20:12, 17-Mar-2023

Foreign direct investment (FDI) into the Chinese mainland, in actual use, jumped 6.1 percent year on year to 268.44 billion yuan from January to February, the Ministry of Commerce said Friday.

In U.S. dollar terms, the FDI inflow expanded 1 percent to $39.71 billion from the first two months last year.

According to the ministry, FDI inflow in the services industry increased 10.1 percent on a yearly basis.

FDI inflow in high-tech industries rose 32 percent year on year. Specifically, the high-tech manufacturing industry surged 68.9 percent, said the ministry.

Investment from countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative increased 11 percent from the previous year, while those from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations grew 11.8 percent.

China attracted 6.3 percent more FDI in 2022 than the year before and has pledged to further boost foreign trade and investment this year.

(Cover: CFP)

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