Spring Equinox: the day symbolizes the beauty and idealism in life

The Spring Equinox, also called "Chunfen" in Chinese, is the fourth solar term on the Chinese lunar calendar, falling on March 21 this year. It is the day when the day and night share an equal length. After this date, the temperatures start rising and the daytime gets longer. 

The peach blossom has special meanings in China. In Chinese culture, it symbolizes not only the arrival of spring, but also the beauty and idealism in life.

This is one famous poem dedicated to the spring:

Brushing a Poem on the Wall of a Southern
Villa at the Capital    
— by CUI HU from the Tang Dynasty
—Translated by Frank C Yue

Last year in this villa on the same day, 
On a blushed face the fine peach-blossoms portrayed.
Today, O You're gone, my Fair, but where, please? 
Peach blossoms are still smiling in the Spring breeze! 

In traditional Chinese culture, there are Four Arts of Chinese Scholars — the qin (or guqin, a musical instrument); the game of Go; calligraphy; and painting. Their practice was seen as reflecting an aristocrat's decency and manners. Join us in the gentle spring breeze as we listen to an artist we have invited to this episode to play "Morning in Spring".

Every year between late March and the end of April, hundreds of peach trees bloom on the western side of Kunming Lake within the Summer Palace. Calling all Hanfu lovers to enjoy this wonderful vibe of spring!

I shall not compare thee to the breeze of spring, for it never goes far enough to my heartstring.

Stay tuned and see you for our next episode!

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