Sydney suffers through record heatwave not seen in 165 years

Australia’s most populous city, Sydney may have set a new weather record in March after temperatures were recorded above 30 degrees Celsius for four consecutive days, which is the first time this has been recorded in 165 years, according to the report by the Australia Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Sydney's beach in sunlight. /VCG
Sydney's beach in sunlight. /VCG

Sydney's beach in sunlight. /VCG

ABC says Sydney's average temperature this March has been 2 degrees higher than the record 27.1 degrees Celsius set in 2006.

Senior meteorologist Olenka Duma from the Bureau of Meteorology of New South Wales told NCA Newswire that the La Nina weather event had ended, and Australia is experiencing a neutral phase in El Nino, which meant Aussies across the eastern inland areas could expect generally drier and warmer conditions.

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