Xi, Putin stress talks as solution to Ukraine crisis
Updated 01:48, 22-Mar-2023

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a joint statement in Moscow on Tuesday, stressing talks as the solution to the Ukraine crisis and calling for respect for the security concerns of all countries in resolving the crisis.

The statement, on deepening China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for the new era, noted that Russia is committed to resuming peace talks as soon as possible and welcomes China's willingness to play a positive role in the political and diplomatic settlement of the crisis.

The two leaders said bloc confrontation should be prevented and called on the international community to support constructive efforts.

"The two sides stress that responsible dialogue is the best way for appropriate solutions," the statement said, adding that they also call "for stopping all moves that lead to tensions and the protraction of fighting to prevent the crisis from getting worse or even out of control."

China and Russia also oppose any unilateral sanctions unauthorized by the UN Security Council and practice by any country or group of countries to seek advantages in the military, political and other areas to the detriment of the legitimate security interests of other countries, it continued.

"On the Ukraine issue, the two sides believe that the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter must be observed and international law must be respected," the statement said.

Xi and Putin also signed a second joint statement on Tuesday regarding development plans for bilateral economic cooperation by 2030. 

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