China steps up construction of major water conservancy projects

As of Monday, the Dateng Gorge water conservancy project in Guiping City, south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region had discharged 1.23 billion cubic meters of water to Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, which effectively contained the salty tide and ensured the water supply of people living in the area.

"The Dateng Gorge water conservancy project controls 56 percent of Xijiang River water, which can shorten the response time of emergency water replenishment from 10 days to three days, greatly improving efficiency and accuracy," said Deng Xunfa, deputy chief of the project.

In order to minimize the impact of the Dateng Gorge Project construction on the ecological environment, different fishways were built to ensure the migration and reproduction of aquatic animals. Besides, scientific research of endangered fish have also been conducted for a better conservation. 

China has been building major water conservancy projects to ensure water supply security, improve flood prevention and control, and enlarge the irrigation capacity. Other projects such as Quanmutang Reservoir Project in central China's Hunan Province, Laolan Reservoir Project in east China's Shandong Province are also under construction. 

China's investment in water conservancy projects surpassed 1 trillion yuan (over 140 billion U.S. dollars) in the January-November period of 2022, according to the Ministry of Water Resources. Some 25,000 new water conservancy projects commenced nationwide in this period, 3,767 more than the previous year.

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