Fight for bamboo: panda cubs version of 'Counter-Strike' released
Updated 17:44, 23-Mar-2023

The giant panda cubs do not know kung fu, but their fights can be as fascinating as the game "Counter-Strike" as whoever snatches the other's food is the "enemy."

The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding staff prepared many bamboo branches for panda cubs. While the two picked the same bamboo, the happy mealtime turned into a battlefield.

Initially, both were struggling with the bamboo piece with their teeth. Later, one panda cub pushed the other one away with its paw. The other refused to admit being inferior and used its body weight to hold its "rival."

The footage was captured on the "iPanda" multimedia platform, which provides round-the-clock live broadcasts of the daily life and activities of pandas in the nature reserves of southwest China.

(Cover image is a screenshot.)

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