Hanma Series | Episode 2: Fallen trees on ice

Covered with snow and ice for half a year, the Hanma National Nature Reserve welcomes spring in May. Meltwater joins the rivulets to scour the tortuous channels, even washing away some trees. The dead twigs piling up in the riverbed create a unique landscape known as the "fallen wood circle."

The uprooted trees make room for new ones to grow, and the shrubs also gain more sunlight. The piles of dead wood also weaken river erosion, serving as a natural barrier to protect their peers behind. Check this episode to learn more about the revitalized forests. 

About 'Journeys in Nature': Hanma Series

Hanma Natural Reserve, with its high biodiversity, is important not only for the protection of rare wild animals and plants, but also as the main birthplace of the Heilongjiang River's upper reaches. In this series, we delve into the natural environment of northeast China, exploring unusual scenery as well as its stories.

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