'We Talk': Is TikTok really a threat to U.S. user data privacy and security?
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On March 23, a nearly six-hour grilling of TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew by U.S. lawmakers regarding "national security" concerns brought the platform's 150 million U.S. users no closer to an answer on whether the app should be wiped from their devices. Although Chew reiterated that the app would not be manipulated by any government, and stressed its commitment to youth safety and data protection, he was frequently interrupted and criticized by U.S. lawmakers. CGTN stringers took to the streets of the United States to talk to local people about their views on TikTok, and whether TikTok is really a threat to U.S. user data privacy and security. One interviewee said that TikTok manages user data to maximize preferences, but she doesn't think that it poses a greater privacy or security threat than other social media platforms.

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