Song Dynasty painting exhibition promotes China-Spain cultural exchanges

As one of the opening events of the China-Spain Year of Culture and Tourism, a Song Dynasty (960-1279) painting exhibition entitled "The Reflection of the Golden Age · Masters of the Song Dynasty" is being held at the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, Spain.


Featuring nearly 100 paintings from the Song Dynasty (960-1279), which have all been digitally re-mastered in high-definition, the exhibition presents various styles of paintings, including landscape art, flower and bird paintings, as well as images of people. The works show the elegance of painting techniques and styles during the Song Dynasty, giving audiences an artistic feast.

The event has attracted throngs of visitors, many of whom expressed a strong interest in traditional Chinese painting and art. "The exhibition is great. The Chinese painting tradition has a long history, and we very much enjoy this kind of art. I'm glad to have this opportunity to appreciate these unique artworks," said one spectator.

This cultural event is part of the efforts to promote cultural exchanges between the two civilizations. Laia Bonet, deputy mayor of Barcelona, also recommended people attend the exhibition.

"We are pleased to participate in the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Spain and China, which is also a good opportunity for Chinese tourists to visit Barcelona," she said.

The three-day exhibition will run till March 31.

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