Construction of major water conservancy project starts in Sichuan
Aerial shot of Chujiang River water conservancy project. /CGTN
Aerial shot of Chujiang River water conservancy project. /CGTN

Aerial shot of Chujiang River water conservancy project. /CGTN

The construction of a major water conservancy project for local water supply and flood prevention started in southwest China's Sichuan Province on Wednesday.

Located on the Chujiang River in Dayi County, Chengdu City of Sichuan, the Three-dam Reservoir will serve the purposes of urban and rural water supply, flood prevention, irrigation and power generation.

The design capacity of the reservoir is 161 million cubic meters, while the maximum height of the dam will be 102.5 meters.

The investment for the project is 4.62 billion yuan (about $670 million), and the construction period is 54 months.

"Upon completion, the reservoir can provide Tianfu New Area with an average water supply of 101 million cubic meters for many years, and provide water guarantee for urban and rural water supply in Dayi and the irrigation area of the Chujiang River. Equipped with the flood control project in downstream Qionglai City, the flood control standard in Qionglai can be raised from the current 20-year recurrence interval to 30-year recurrence interval," said Zan Yao, an official from the local water authority.

The Tianfu New Area, with a planned area of 1,578 square kilometers, is a national-level new district in Sichuan approved by the State Council in 2014.

The reservoir is one of the 66 national water network projects to be advanced this year as part of China's efforts to improve the country's capacity to safeguard water security.

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