Environment Buzzword 2022: Food waste is not just about food

Editor's Note: A series of major events  the Two Sessions and the Boao Forum for Asia held in China have been under the spotlight. Among all topics discussed, environmental protection is one of the most important ones. Climate change, ocean pollution, plastic pollution, food waste... We are experiencing these environmental problems. Which ones are most concerning? Jackie Suggitt, capital, innovation and engagement director at ReFED, gives her opinions.

Globally, nearly a third of all food produced each year is wasted, causing almost 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions and hundreds of billions of dollars in economic losses. When a portion of food goes to waste, one in 10 people in the world suffer from food insecurity. 

Food waste is not only about the food itself, but also about the environment, food security and access to food.

Jackie Suggitt, capital, innovation and engagement director at ReFED, a U.S. non-governmental organization dedicated to reduce food waste through data-driven solutions, shared her views.

During the interview, Suggitt mentioned two causes of food waste that everyone can relate to: lack of understanding of the date labels on produce and the preference for foods with perfect appearance. Also, she outlined the solutions that her organization modeled out to tackle food waste: date label standardization and markdown alert applications. Although these technologies are exciting, she expressed her opinion that reducing food waste is not entirely dependent on high tech – individual actions can make a big difference too.

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