An injured baby monkey rescued

On March 30, a staff member found an injured infant golden snub-nosed monkey under a tree in the Badong Golden Snub-nosed Monkey Reserve in Enshi, Hubei Province. The young monkey was then escorted for treatment at the conservation management station.

"I saw a small monkey lying on the ground, making a faint moaning sound," Du Min said, adding that she found the umbilical cord had not even fallen off. She then wrapped the little monkey in her clothes and hiked for 3 hours to take it to the conservation management station for treatment. Under the guidance of experts, the little monkey gradually recovered.

The reserve staff deduced that the young monkey was just born and might have been injured during the migration process. "If the little monkey were not found in time, it may have been frozen to death or hurt by fierce animals," he added. 

The staff member at the reserve administration also bought milk powder and baby products for the young monkey. "We will release it back into nature once it has recovered and is capable of surviving in the wild," he said.

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