Xi encourages Arab artists to contribute to China-Arab friendship
Updated 23:13, 03-Apr-2023

Chinese President Xi Jinping has replied to a letter from representatives of Arab artists, who had visited China to participate in the "Silk Road: Artists' Rendezvous" exhibition event, encouraging them to create more artworks that reflect China-Arab friendship and make new contributions to the relations between the two peoples.

Recently, more than 50 well-known Arab artists, who had visited China to attend the event, wrote the joint letter to Xi, sharing their gains and insights from their China tours and hoping to make contributions to the bonds between the Chinese and Arab peoples.

From the opening of the ancient Silk Road to the joint building of the Belt and Road cooperation, the exchanges between Chinese and Arab civilizations have spanned thousands of years, writing a historical legacy of mutual learning, Xi said.

At the first China-Arab States Summit held at the end of last year, China and Arab states agreed to make all-out efforts to build a China-Arab community with a shared future in the new era, Xi said, adding that the development of China-Arab relations is at a new historical starting point.

Xi expressed his hope that more Arab artists will come to China to create more works of art that promote cultural exchanges between China and Arab countries, share experiences and insights when staying in China and let more Arab friends learn about China.

He also called on Arab artists to jointly write a new chapter in the exchanges and mutual learning between Chinese and Arab civilizations in the new era.

Up to now, over 100 artists from 22 Arab countries have attended the event and created 487 artworks in the form of paintings, sculptures and ceramic artwork. 

(Cover: Audience visits the "Silk Road: Artists' Rendezvous" in Beijing, China, August 17, 2022. /CFP)

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