Botanical gardens at shopping malls

Botanical gardens have been set up at some shopping malls in some Chinese cities to give visitors a unique shopping experience. 

A 42-meter-high botanical garden with over 70,000 plants is seen at a shopping mall in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality. 

"I come from Tianjin. This is my second visit here. I just want to come here. It's more natural and more relaxing for me," said a tourist.

Another example is a large shopping mall in Jiading District of east China's Shanghai, presenting a "rainforest" with over 200 tropical plants.

"My home is nearby, so it's pretty convenient to come here. This is a natural oxygen bar. I come here and take pictures," said a local resident.

The shopping mall is not only equipped with a 400-meter-long running track, but also various sports facilities such as a basketball court, a football field and an ice skating rink.

"As our business continues to adapt to this market change, new consumption scenarios are being introduced involving sports and leisure," said Guan Chunhua, deputy director of the city's commission of commerce. 

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