Satellite products put on sale at Chinese e-commerce platform
Detail of
Detail of "1U Cubic Star." /CMG

Detail of "1U Cubic Star." /CMG

A number of commercial satellite products and services were released for sale at a Chinese e-commerce platform on March 31 to reduce the cost of satellite construction and popularize satellite knowledge by innovating the satellite sales model. 

"1U Cubic Star," a low-cost micro-satellite in line with international general standards, was sold at an e-commerce platform at the price of 2 million yuan (about $290,000).

With the help of network construction technology, the satellite can realize the monitoring of ocean, atmospheric environment, ships, aviation aircraft and others. It is widely used in universities and scientific research institutes to carry out space science research and education. 

"The buyer has placed the order and paid the deposit. Both parties have confirmed their relevant qualifications and have entered the substantive stage of contract performance," said Shen Fangjun, a spokesman for an e-commerce livestreaming platform. 

'Selfie' from space

A satellite service called "space selfie" costing around 2 million yuan for one year and about 3 million yuan for two years was also provided for customers on the same day. 

The service will display pictures uploaded by users on the satellite screen after it enters the space, and help customers take a photo integrating their own picture and the background of the outer space. 

"The price includes the development and launch of the satellite and its insurance. In addition, the cost of two year's operation and maintenance of the satellite is also covered," said Xie Tao, chairman of a commercial satellite company. 

'Space shuttle' offers collaborative operations

Another satellite product called "space shuttle" was also offered to customers, which supports collaborative operations such as remote sensing, communication, navigation and scientific exploration. 

The current cost of developing and launching a commercial satellite in China is about 10 million yuan, which is still high as compared to mature international markets. By innovating the satellite sales model, experts said the cost threshold of satellite development and launch can be lowered to million-yuan scale.

"Just spending about 2 million yuan, people can enjoy the functions of a satellite. For many scientific research institutes, even some cities, the price is within their reach," said Wang Junyi, member of Chinese Society for Science and Technology Journalism.

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