What are the goals of rural revitalization?
What are the goals of rural revitalization?

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Editor's note: The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China concluded with a blueprint mapped out for China's future development in the next five years and beyond. CGTN is publishing "How China Works – Charting the Future," a special series delving deep into a key report adopted at the congress to see how the country can fulfill the goals and tasks on the new journey of the new era.

Rural revitalization is a major strategy for bringing about our national rejuvenation.
 -  Chinese President Xi Jinping

Rural revitalization is a major strategy for bringing about our national rejuvenation. New circumstances and requirements arise as we seek to ground ourselves in this new development stage, apply the new development philosophy, and foster a new development dynamic. Under the new circumstances and requirements, to address problems related to agriculture, rural areas and rural people will be our Party's top priority. 

The development of agriculture and rural areas will come first. We will follow a Chinese socialist path to rural revitalization, and continue to narrow the development gaps between urban and rural areas and between regions, so that low-income people and less developed areas can share in the fruits of development and catch up in the process of modernization rather than falling behind.

Comprehensively implementing the rural revitalization strategy will be no less of a challenge than the fight against poverty in terms of depth, breadth and difficulty. We must therefore improve our policies, working mechanisms and systems. We will adopt more forceful measures and pool more formidable strength to accelerate agricultural and rural modernization, promote quality and efficiency in agriculture, make rural areas attractive places to live and work in, and see that rural residents become more prosperous.

On our new journey towards a modern socialist country, we must raise the common prosperity of all our people to a more prominent position, doing consistent, results-oriented work as we make more active and effective efforts towards this goal. We must promote the well-rounded development of individuals together with all-round social progress, and ensure that our people always have a strong sense of gain, fulfillment and security.

(Source: Xi Jinping's speech at a grand gathering held in Beijing to mark the country's accomplishments in poverty eradication and award its model poverty fighters, February 25, 2021.) 

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