Joint patrol in central, northern Taiwan Straits launched
Updated 23:05, 05-Apr-2023
Yang Chengxi

A special operation of joint patrol and inspection in the central and northern parts of the Taiwan Straits has been launched, the Fujian Maritime Safety Administration said in a statement on Wednesday.

The operation will last for three days, during which the "Haixun 06" patrol vessel fleet will conduct patrol and inspection operations in the area. 

The fleet will patrol and inspect the direct shipping container route from Pingtan County, southeast China's Fujian Province, to southeast China's Taiwan, including the passenger shipping route, the habitual navigation routes of ships in the Taiwan Straits, the congested areas of commercial fishing vessels, and areas where frequent illegal sand mining activities take place. 

During the operation, maritime law enforcement personnel will conduct on-site inspections of cross-Straits cargo ships and construction ships to ensure the safety of navigation and the orderly and safe operation of key water projects.

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