Electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre talks to CGTN in metaverse

Electronic music pioneer, French composer and record producer Jean-Michel Jarre is visiting China again, as a member of a cultural delegation accompanying French President Emmanuel Macron.

The musical pioneer has set several Guinness World Records for live audience attendance at concerts in several iconic locations, including at the Forbidden City in Beijing in 2004. In recent years, he has started to explore the realms of VR performances and the metaverse.

He launched his VR world "Oxyville" in October and custom-built an avatar-led performance to promote his latest album, providing an immersive experience to audiences all over the world. The show was performed live in the metaverse and featured several tracks from the new album.

CGTN reporter Shirley Zhong received an invitation to join him in the metaverse and virtually experience Oxyville for the program Music Voyage.

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